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Luca Pollonini, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Abramson Center for the Future of Health
College of Technology
University of Houston

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Current Research Interests:

Design and development of biomedical sensors; Optoelectronics.

Education and Training:

MA: University of Brescia, Electronics Engineering
PhD: University of Brescia, Information Engineering

Past Positions:

Faculty, Vision Research and Human Health Diagnostics Laboratory, UT Health Science Center-Houston
Research Fellow, NASA Glenn Research Center
Co-founder, Nirox Ltd., Italy


Pollonini, Dacso. "Near Infrared Spectroscopy Application for Assessing Muscle Performance in Real Time."

Current Grants:

National Science Foundation: "ARRA - Translation of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Use in Clinical Neuro-Imaging" 2010–2012
Joint with Stanford University. Pollonini, Principal Investigator 

Selected Publications:

L. Pollonini, R. Re, R.J. Simpson and C.C. Dacso, "Integrated device for the measurement of systemic and local oxygen transport during physical exercise", Annual Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, San Diego, CA – August 28th-September 1st, 2012 (accepted for oral presentation)

J. Leon-Carrion, U. Leon-Dominguez, L. Pollonini, Meng-Hung Wu, R.E. Frye, M. Rosario Dominguez-Morales, G. Zouridakis, "Synchronization between the anterior and posterior cortexdetermines consciousness level in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI)", Brain Res (2012) – In Press

L. Pollonini, R. Re, P. Howell, K. Prasad, R. Simpson and C. Dacso, "Relationship between systemic and local physiological response to graded exercise assessed with near-infrared spectroscopy", Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 2012, Vol. 44:5

L. Pollonini, C.C. Dacso, "Wearable sensing device for home monitoring of cardiac rehabilitation", AMA-IEEE Medical Technology Conference – October 16th-18th, 2011 - Boston, USA

Rajan NO, Pollonini L, Xu S, Harris AM, Reichlin L, McArthur K, Dacso CC. Novel In-Home Monitoring Device for Patients Suffering from Congestive Heart Failure. 138th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. November 2010.

Rovati, L., Pollonini, L., Ansari, R.R., "Integrated Instruments for Dynamic Light Scattering and Natural Fluorescence Measurements", International Symposium on Biomedical Optics, vol. 4245, No. 27, San Jose, CA., January 20-26, 2001.

Pollonini, L., Rovati, L., Ansari, R.R., "Dynamic Light Scattering and Natural Fluorescence Measurements of the Corneal Tissue", International Symposium on Biomedical Optics, vol. 4245, No. 27, San Jose, CA., January 20-26, 2001.

Pollonini, L., Rovati, L., and Ansari, R.R., "Dynamic light scattering and natural fluorescence measurements in healthy and pathological ocular tissues", SPIE Proc., Vol. 4611, pp. 213-219, 2002.

Rovati, L.; Bandera, A.; Donini, M.; Pollonini, L. A novel tissue oxymeter combining the multidistance approach with an accurate spectral analysis. Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, IMTC apos;03. Proceedings of the 20th IEEE. Vol. 1, pp. 214-217, 2003.

Rovati, L., Bandera, A., Donini M., Salvatori, G., Pollonini, L. Design and performance of a wide-bandwidth and sensitive instrument for near-infrared spectroscopic measurements on human tissue. Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 75, pp. 5315-5325, 2004.

Rovarti, L., Pollonini, L., Ansari, R. Design and performance of an ophthalmic instrument for dynamic light scattering and fluorescence measurements in ocular tissues. Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference 2004. IMTC 04. Proceedings of the 21st IEEE, Vol. 3, pp. 1975-1979, 2004.


Dr. Luca Pollonini


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